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Laser Hair


Permanent Hair Reduction*
Least number of session 
Painless super Hair removal
Faster and safe results

4.7 + Google Rating

Visible results from First Sitting

Best LASER TECH in India

Painless and Safe Results

Limited Time Offer

20% OFF

Laser Removal

Hear from our 


One of the best skin and hair treatment clinics in the state of Karnataka or I dare say the entire country .!! Had a great smooth experience.!! Kudos to Dr. Shubha and her team. She made the Hair regrowth procedure as pain less and effective as possible .!! Extremely happy with the results and the treatment!! The reasonable pricing is what place like Le Jeune makes their skilled team ahead of the other places.

Why Laser Hair Removal in Le Jeune?

1.      Permanent Hair Removal

2.     Least number of Sessions

3.     Highest Efficiency (Dual Technology)

4.    Painless Super Hair removal

5.    Faster and Safer results 

6.    Visible results from First sitting

7.     Best Last Tech in India 

8.    Works on fine and Coarse hair

9.    4.7+ Reviews for Laser Hair Removal

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